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This space was created with the intention of satisfying all the sexual orientations or personal likes
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"SoAdultos" Space

Fantasy, Sex, Love and Liberty
Some contents of "SoAdultos" make it a very enjoyable space…

"SoAdultos" is a space for the relacionship for over 18 years old. It was created for all the people who are looking for something more than just a relationship. Here is allowed more bold photos, profiles with sensual content and more open search options. This space is where you can find people for the serious relationship, casual meetings, dinners, special nights, weekends, vacations, liberal meetings, sex for two, sex in group, virtual sex and partner´s exchange, independently of your sexual orientation. Find your desires, liberate your fantasies, adventure sexually and find your partner who will fill your life with spice! Explore the erotic life style of the millions of people through the photos and webcam. In this space you can find everything you desire. Open your imagination and explore your fantasies.

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Take part in erotic album, add you photos and see photos added by other members. Be united with a sensuality and desire, show all your passion and sensuality.

  Meetings and relationships for all the types of sexual options:

Homosexual - Homosexuality It´s a phisical and emotional attraction between people of the same sex, with the possibility of changing the gender (sex).

Bisexual - BisexualityIt´s a physical and/or emotional attraction between people of the same sex and also opposite.

Heterosexual - Heterosexuality It´s a physical and/or emotional attraction between people of the opposite sex.

Metrosexual - Metrosexuality It´s treated vulgarlly, an exaggeration of men´s physical beauty, like by treatments of skin and body, like by practice of physical exercise just to keep the form, including the use of solariumes, depilatories, face painting and good dress sence, can´t be compared with what´s normally applied to homossexuality or to transsexuality, men who like themselves do not necessarely have to like other men or to dress as women.

Ubersexual Extremely confident person, but not difficult, is musculor, has style and has enjoys quality in all areas of life.

Pansexual Person who thinks just about sex, who would perform sex with anyone or anything: adults, old people, animals, objects, plants, etc.

Tecnosexual Person who does not neglect the appearence but loves technology without seeming the typical nerd.

Transexual - Transexuality Person who feels trapped a body that belongs to another gender (sex). Or he has a feeling that he belongs to a sex that is not in accordance with the sex of his birth (biologic).

Androgen One who has physical characteristics of both sexes.

Transvestite Person who presents his identity as the opposit gender from the sex of his birth, but does not wish to change his sex

Crossdresser Person to likes to wear clothes of the opposite sex, without necessarily changing his sexual orientatios.

Drag queen and drag king People who like to masquerade as the opposite sex, generally they are performers on public stage where they are used to socialising. Although in the majority of cases, drag queens and kings are homosexuals (gays or lesbians), this sexual orientation is not always the norm.

Intersexual Person who was born physicaly between (inter) the masculine and feminine sex, having partial or complete development of both the sexual organs, or one predominates the other. However, the physycal ambiguities of such people is not obvious from their outward appearence.

Transgender Normally this means that the appearance is not the same as that of his birth. More recently this term has been used to describe people who are constantly in transit between one gender and another.

Gay An English word used normally to assign sexual and / or emotional relations between men.

Lesbian Assign sexual and / or emotional relations between women. Lesbians have or prefer to have romances and sexual relations with other women.

Swinger Exchange of couples in a sexual relationship between two steady couples who practice sex in a group. Exist some people are considered swingers when a couple add one or more people to their sexual relationship.

Voyeur Voyeurism ia the practice when one person obtains sexual pleasure through watching other people. These persons can be involved in sexual acts, naked, with underwear, or with any clothes that are appropriate for the individual in question.

Hermaphrodite Person who has the sexual organs of both sexes.

  Although "SoAdultos" is the space for more liberal and more bold meetings, it´s a space where we demand respect for the others

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